8 Items You Need to Add to Your 2019 Wedding Checklist

You can always find a few more details and touches to add for a wedding that can truly delight your heart. There are little things that can further enhance the overall beauty and order of this special day. While you may already have a standard wedding checklist guiding you in completing all the major wedding-related[…]

Budget-Friendly Wedding Favors to Place Along Wedding Decoration

It probably appears to be a cheap option as it pertains to wedding mementos, decorations, and favors, but choosing the right ones can save a lot and may be difficult at times. And what’s so maddening about them is the fact a big ratio of your guests won’t even get one. It is true, many[…]

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner If I Have On-Site Wedding Coordinator

That is a question that we hear most of the time. It is a valid question without a doubt, but the misunderstanding here’s that the assignments of the place on-site coordinator are equivalent to that of an unbiased wedding planner. If you find Dubai wedding packages that offer you complete services and you still rely[…]