Top 6 Pre-Wedding Events: A Guide for the Bride, Groom & Guests

Beautifully grand wedding celebrations are never limited to just the wedding ceremony and the reception. The road to both is often laden with a number of equally exciting and enjoyable pre-wedding events.

All of these special occasions are gatherings to hype up the main event, as well as show gratitude to all the people involved and will serve as witnesses to the loving union. Each one requires thorough preparation with the help of expert wedding planners.

What Are The Most Important Pre-Wedding Events?

There are six pre-wedding events that the couple and vital members of the entourage have to prepare for:

1. Engagement Party

This event brings together the families of the bride and groom. Most prefer an intimate get-together, but it can be a bigger shebang as well. The engagement party is often set a couple of months before the wedding. It gathers immediate families, closest relatives and friends, and the members of the entourage.

Engagement parties can be held just about anywhere. Some take it to the park for a laid-back picnic. Parents who host the engagement party can also choose to hold it at home where everybody can be comfortable and both families can contribute to the spread. However, the convenient practice these days is to reserve a restaurant for brunch, lunch, tea, or dinner.

2. Bridal Shower

This is a gathering typically planned by the maid of honor to celebrate the bride-to-be. Traditionally, it is a surprise all-girl event composed of the female members of the bride’s and groom’s families, the ladies of the entourage (the maid of honor and the bridesmaids, basically), and close female friends. Also, it is typically held about three weeks or a couple of weeks before the big day.

There are a few low-key games and some gift-giving involved for the bride. For gift-giving, the presents are ideally ones meant to prepare the bride for the big transition from a Ms. to a Mrs., which can be useful items or cheeky and funny products. It’s worth noting as well that bridal showers are often intimate tea or cocktail parties, with a casual and friendly vibe.

A bridal shower can relatively rake up some costs, though, even if the guest list is often kept under 40 people. So, quite often, the mother of the bride (and at times, also loving aunts) helps shoulder a part of the overall expenses of the event. In some countries, this practice was considered a taboo. However, through the years, it has grown to become an accepted contribution from the bride’s side of the family.

3. The Bridesmaids’ Luncheon

The bride throws this pre-wedding event for her attendants. It’s a gathering to express appreciation for their decision to be a part of the entourage, which involves providing valuable support and assistance to the bride.

This is the occasion when the bride presents gifts to her attendants. These days, the gifts can be anything from a self-care package to food baskets, and other thoughtfully put-together collections. But traditionally, the bride orders a pink cake for the event. There are trinkets baked into the cake for the bridesmaids to discover during dessert.

Nowadays, the bridesmaids’ luncheon coincides with the bridesmaids’ dress fitting or shopping day. It’s an opportunity to optimize time during the hectic preparations for the wedding day.

4. The Bachelorette and Stag Parties

These are the pre-wedding events where the soon-to-weds can cut loose and enjoy the few remaining days of their single lives. There really are no rules to these parties other than to have a lot of fun — without getting into trouble, of course.

For gals, there’s nothing like a trip to the spa or wine country for a bachelorette party. Everybody knows some R&R is much-needed during the days leading to the wedding. Of course, there other arrangements to consider as well. Sometimes, a luxurious dinner at a fancy restaurant would suffice.

As for the men, the crazy stag night among boys that looks like a frat party is more of a myth than reality. A sports night has grown to be the preferred celebration for the groom and his friends. The men watch their favorite sports teams in person or at a sports bar. Camping is another stag party idea that a lot of men enjoy.

5. The Welcome Party

This is an important event for destination weddings or any wedding with guests coming from distant locations. It’s a fun way to gather everybody together and get them acquainted.

Likewise, the welcome party provides couples with the opportunity to say thanks to guests who have decided to take the time out of their busy lives and schedules to grace the event.

A welcome party should always flow with food and drinks. The bride and groom should be prepared to receive guests, make introductions, and overall, serve as engaging hosts.

6. The Rehearsal Dinner

Finally, the groom’s parents traditionally host the rehearsal dinner on the night before the wedding day. The goal of this event is to encourage socialization among all the people with a part to play in the wedding ceremony. It’s usually an intimate affair, with good food and music.

The rehearsal dinner ends early. This is to ensure that everybody is fresh and ready for the wedding the next day.

Keeping Pre-Wedding Events Stress-Free

As fun as pre-wedding events can be, they do involve a lot of work, time, and energy for the people organizing and hosting them. Our team at Fabulous Day can help with these as well.

Our suite of services can cover the essentials for every one of these events. This way, there are fewer things for hosts to stay on top of, and everybody can focus more on the flow of joy that these affairs create. Give us a call if you need assistance with pulling off any or all of these pre-wedding events and to ensure a fun, memorable and exciting journey towards your special day.

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