A Garden Tale…

Looking back to the beginning of the year we see a romantic setting called ‘Garden Tale’ warm our hearts.

Its the perfect wedding, the bride elegantly strolls up the intimate ceremony facing the Burj Al Arab, warm wind in her hair, the perfect weather whilst clutching a stunning fresh flower bouquet, guests tearing and groom not taking his eyes off his bride to be.

When the “I Do’s” were said and done the confetti and cheering guests greeted the new happy couple – the perfect start to any marriage.  But the perfection doesn’t subside yet as the couple’s chosen venue. Al Qasr Magnoila was set to perfection, filled with hundreds of candles, wooden barrels, rustic touches and whites and blushes to be seen everywhere. The setting was simply perfect and the light of lanterns filled it with romance that was felt in every corner.

The bride loved simplicity and wanted to create a casual and fun atmosphere for the family and guests. The fun guestbook and Polaroid filled the evening with smiles and memories. A beautiful, peaceful evening was then fired into fun and action with a live big band that carried the laughter and fun through to the end of the night.










Photo credit: Ugly Duckling






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