Sweet Finale

Wedding cake is the most of the exciting highlights of the wedding. It is an official sweet you will share as husband and wife and will become a key link in that continuum. Traditionally the white color signified the purity of the bride. These days the cake color and design reflects the theme of the entire wedding. Here are some tips to consider on your wedding cake:

  •  If the cake is more than a 100 portions, consider having a dummy cake with either a single edible tier or a section that you can cut and share. This way you can have pre-cut pieces nicely plated and ready to be served or plan at least for 20minutes for taking the cake back to the kitchen and have it cut.
  • Get creative with presenting your slice of cake to the guests – garnish the plate with some berries or fruit.
  • If you are having a smaller wedding however you always envisioned having a grand cake – consider having few dummy tiers along with edible ones.

When shopping for a cake designer:

  • discuss the design elements,
  • show pictures and look at their portfolio,
  • do the cake tasting,
  • find out the delivery charges,
  • make a deposit and make sure you pay the balance before the wedding day (unless you have a wedding planner who will receive and pay the balance on the day)

Some venues might offer the cake complimentary. Others may charge a cake-handling fee, so make it clear before you sign the contract. The cake cutting is the last of the many wonderful rituals encompassing your wedding celebration. Traditionally the bride and groom would share a piece of cake before distributing it to the guests to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other

  • If you love a chocolate cake, stick to a light colored layer that you will cut, to avoid having chocolate on your teeth or a dark smudge on you wedding dress.

Wishing you a sweet planning…

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