8 Items You Need to Add to Your 2019 Wedding Checklist

You can always find a few more details and touches to add for a wedding that can truly delight your heart. There are little things that can further enhance the overall beauty and order of this special day.

While you may already have a standard wedding checklist guiding you in completing all the major wedding-related tasks and securing all the supplies and services you need, our top wedding planners say there are still a few more items you can add to this list. Here are eight:

Extra Wedding Checklist Items

1. Candies

These are good to have on hand for the wedding ceremony, which can actually run a long time. The sugar kick that comes from popping a piece of candy in your mouth will tide you over when the ceremony, and the photo shoot that comes afterwards, longer than necessary.

Also, anybody at the event can eat them discreetly. In fact, if you start to feel a little lightheaded due to hunger during the ceremony, you can sneak in a small piece while pretending just to cover your mouth.

2. Micellar water wipes

Micellar water is often used to take care of makeup smudges or to freshen the face for the re-application of makeup. However, that is not all it can do; micellar water is also quite effective in dealing with stains.

If you accidentally spill a little wine on your dress or smear makeup on it, micellar water wipes will quickly cause those stains to fade away. A good alternative is a Tide to Go, which is a stain remover pen; however, you cannot use this one to clean makeup smudges.

3. A change of comfortable footwear

Sneakers, moccasins, or flip-flops should make it to the checklist because brides and even their bridesmaids need relief from the pain and discomfort from wearing the beautiful high heels that go with their elegant dresses.

For an event that can last for several hours, the women in the entourage can surely benefit from a change of comfortable footwear while they are seated or walking around during the reception.

4. Extra undershirt and dress shirt for the groom

Sometimes, the weather can be unpredictable, and temperatures can rise in the middle of the day. Men in their suits will most likely get sweaty and uncomfortable underneath their jacket.

So, make sure that there’s a change of undershirt and dress shirt (similar to the one originally worn) packed for the groom. Perhaps, throw in some wet wipes, antiperspirant, and a small bottle of cologne so he can get changed and return to the event feeling completely fresh.

5. Emergency sewing kit

This is already included in most checklists, but still, a lot of brides forget to make sure that they actually have emergency sewing kits that have needles, thread, scissors, buttons, safety pins, and even fabric glue.

While most people would like to believe that their wedding attire is constructed flawlessly, certain situations can work against this belief. Therefore, it is smart to be prepared in the event of a popped button, broken zipper, and rips in the seams that are all potential risks during any occasion where you mingle among lots of people.

6. First aid kit

You should always include an emergency first aid kit in your checklist and assign a specific person to be in charge of it. The whirl of events can sometimes prove overwhelming, stress levels can run high, and the body can have an adverse reaction to it. So, never forget to bring a first aid kit.

This important kit should include a cold fever patch, pain relievers, medicated plaster, antiseptic solutions, Q-tips, disinfecting cotton pads, antihistamine, healing oils, medicine for an upset stomach, and even a couple of female products.

7. Dental hygiene kit

It’s always nice to freshen up once the ceremony is done and also after eating during the reception. Mints may take care of funky breath, but brushing your teeth will make sure that you do not have food debris stuck between your teeth, especially when you are constantly facing guests and having pictures taken.

Therefore, pack a pair of travel-size toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and even mouthwash to ensure fresh breath for you and the groom.

8. Hand cream

There will be a lot of hand-shaking and hugging taking place during a wedding, so you want to make sure that your hands feel and look soft the whole time. You can place a small tube in your purse so you are ready for anything.

Perhaps, choose a hand cream that’s scented and has antibacterial properties as well. This way, your hands will not only be soft and supple, but they will smell good, too.

Little Details Can Make a Whole World of Difference

These eight additional items to your checklist can do so much in giving you peace of mind for the entire day. They may seem like a lot of extra details, but a wedding is an occasion wherein you are expected to go all out, right?

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