How to Avoid Wedding Dress Shopping Overwhelm

Choosing a dress to wear on your big day is probably the most fun part of the wedding planning process. But for some brides-to-be, this can also be the most overwhelming period of their lives because they want to make sure that they look absolutely stunning at their wedding.

Whatever the case may be for you, the fact remains that choosing a bridal gown is as important as everything else in the wedding package. Here are five tips you can use as a guide to avoid experiencing that wedding dress shopping overwhelm.

1. Base Your Choices on Your Wedding Theme or Style

Before you start looking at dresses, you must first decide on the overall theme or motif of your wedding.
For the most part, you shouldn’t have any difficulty choosing a color since wedding dresses almost always come in white. However, cloth material and cut are different matters entirely. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the numerous options you’ll eventually be presented with during your fitting sessions in dress shops, make sure you already have a basic idea of how you want to look on your big day.

One great tip is to pick one feature you want on your dress. For instance, you can choose to have a lace bodice, a square neckline, cap sleeves, or a mermaid silhouette. Keep that feature in mind and check the gown designs if they have these key features to help you narrow down your options.

2. Shop No Earlier Than 12 Months Ahead

Planning the wedding of your dreams isn’t a two-month excursion – it is a process that calls for a lot of your time. For wedding dress shopping, you can avoid getting overwhelmed by looking around for viable options roughly nine to 12 months before the wedding day.

Doing so allows you plenty of time to consider all your options and will help you stay on schedule. In some cases, making bridal gowns requires between four and 10 months, plus shipping time, if you order it overseas. Of course, some wedding dress designers offer rush services at an additional cost.

You also have the option to go for ready-made dresses. If you’re lucky, you might even find the perfect wedding dress and will only need to pay for professional cleaning.
On the other hand, shopping for a wedding dress more than a year before your big day isn’t recommended as there are plenty of factors that may still affect your choices. Also, it is crucial that you only start looking at gowns when you’re ready to make the purchase. This way, you won’t have to change your wedding gown every time you find a new one that you feel looks better on you months before your big day.

3.Avoid Taking Your Entourage Along

Your mother, future mother-in-law, sister, and all your girlfriends would want a hand at picking out the gown you’ll be wearing as you walk down the aisle. Believe it or not, however, this is not ideal as it can cause you to feel overwhelmed and torn between going for the dress you want and pleasing your loved ones by considering their preferences.

To avoid this unpleasant situation, it is best that you don’t bring the entire entourage when shopping for bridal dresses. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should shop alone. You can bring your mother, sister, or best friend. The key is to bring along someone who has your best interest at heart and isn’t afraid to offer helpful, honest and constructive feedback about your dress options.

4.Do Some Research

Doing research on just about any subject has become relatively easy, thanks to the Internet. That’s why you must make sure that you do your homework first before shopping for wedding gowns. The information you would want to look for can include:

  • The different types of dress lines
  • Dresses that flatters your body type the best
  • Gown elements that can highlight your assets

For example, you can highlight your sexy shoulders by opting for an off-shoulder bridal gown. The lowered sleeves draw eyes up to your shoulders and collarbone while baring your sun-kissed skin.

In the same manner, brides who want to show off their toned lower back can choose to purchase low-back or bare-back gowns. To make sure that your lean lower back, tiny waist, and voluptuous hips don’t go unnoticed, you can choose a dress with a flowing A-line skirt or one that has a silk slip just below the bottom.

5.Prioritize Comfort

In addition to thinking about how you will look, it’s also important to prioritize how a dress fits and feels when worn. This will help prevent you from being distracted by discomfort caused by a dress that’s too tight around the waist or a shoulder strap that keeps slipping down. When your wedding dress fits you well, you can naturally exude vibrant confidence.

Remember: A bride’s glow comes from the way they sincerely feel inside, rather than the way look like on the outside.

A Toast to the Beautiful Bride

Choosing the perfect bridal gown is a crucial detail in putting together the wedding of your dreams. Use this article as a guide when making this important decision to avoid that dreaded wedding dress shopping overwhelm.
Still unsure about how to choose the right gown? Ask a professional wedding planner at Fabulous Day about it.

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