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We will provide you information regarding the wedding event planning and services in Dubai.

Budget Friendly Event Planner

In spite of popular belief, using a good occasion designer does not ought to be steeply-priced in any respect. You can without difficulty find an event planning service, which can paintings on pretty much any price range. Choosing to do this is very clever due to the fact your finances will remain inside your control.[…]

A Spell of Burgundy

We love when brides opt for something unique, bold colors, distinctive ideas; this is what we thrive on as we help them meet their expectations. The Olive Garden at the Desert Palm Retreat have opened their doors once again for another magical wedding just few days before the New Year. Deep reds, burgundies and the[…]

Summer Waltz

The wedding season sees another couple choose the intimate and beautiful venue, ‘Olive Garden’ at the Desert Palm, always a popular choice to celebrate your special day surrounded by friends and family, under the night sky, with a light of November breeze. A picturesque setting and something from a fairytale, the bride and groom where[…]

Narnia comes to dinner

Narnia comes to dinner…creation by Fabulous Day Weddings & Events. A dinner table set for an ice queen and her guests or even a winter themed wedding. This silver frosted enchanted creation of a dinner table, sets us back to a cold winter in the mountains, lightly sugared with white powder on the pine cones,[…]