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A Spell of Burgundy

We love when brides opt for something unique, bold colors, distinctive ideas; this is what we thrive on as we help them meet their expectations. The Olive Garden at the Desert Palm Retreat have opened their doors once again for another magical wedding just few days before the New Year. Deep reds, burgundies and the[…]

Charming Dawn

Another fascinating setting at one of the premier venues in Dubai at the Burj Al Arab. It was a beautiful day on the 14.11.14 with tranquil blue waters, light breeze and a beautifully manicured lawn that added to the elegance of the Blessing Ceremony. The GOLD Ballroom was filled with a thousand lights from the chandelier that[…]

Summer Waltz

The wedding season sees another couple choose the intimate and beautiful venue, ‘Olive Garden’ at the Desert Palm, always a popular choice to celebrate your special day surrounded by friends and family, under the night sky, with a light of November breeze. A picturesque setting and something from a fairytale, the bride and groom where[…]

A Garden Tale…

Looking back to the beginning of the year we see a romantic setting called ‘Garden Tale’ warm our hearts. Its the perfect wedding, the bride elegantly strolls up the intimate ceremony facing the Burj Al Arab, warm wind in her hair, the perfect weather whilst clutching a stunning fresh flower bouquet, guests tearing and groom[…]

Enchanted Garden Wedding

When it comes to the look of any wedding everyone wants to achieve that wow factor, something that makes it feel personal, impressionable and overall everything the couple envisioned. But nothing gives us a greater pleasure than when brides make our job easy, with colour schemes and ideas that scream elegance, this is how  the[…]

Sweet Finale

Wedding cake is the most of the exciting highlights of the wedding. It is an official sweet you will share as husband and wife and will become a key link in that continuum. Traditionally the white color signified the purity of the bride. These days the cake color and design reflects the theme of the entire[…]