Narnia comes to dinner

Narnia comes to dinner…creation by Fabulous Day Weddings & Events.

A dinner table set for an ice queen and her guests or even a winter themed wedding. This silver frosted enchanted creation of a dinner table, sets us back to a cold winter in the mountains, lightly sugared with white powder on the pine cones, white Christmas style trees, dimly lit candles dotted everywhere and tempting cake to divulge into, this table is perfect to host a true winter themed party.

We can see details such as light clear crystals scattered around, the elegant charm of the dinner set with matching napkin and fairytale table runner along with more hints of Christmas. Finished off with the see through chairs, that serve no distraction from the table and elegant crystal glasses, this is simply a perfect and picturesque setting for all to fall in love with.

And what dinner without the delicious dessert carefully prepared by Cooking with a Manicure.

Tips when creating your own Narnia from Fabulous Day:

  • Write a list of all the objects that reminds you of the winter, the cold, and Christmas. This is how you start to build an image in your head of how things will start to look.
  •  Use a lot of creativity to turn an everyday object into something more aesthetically pleasing, for example instead of just having a pine cone, spray it with white or silver so it looks frosted, achieving a more winter look to it.
  •  Use around three or four colours when dressing a table, so it sticks to a theme and its not too distracting.
  •  Finally, try to accomplish the final look to be elegant by adding the crystals and beautiful candles.

Have a fabulous festive season…
















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